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Christmas Story Musical Jean Shepherd

Scene On Stage"
"The movie features Shepherd’s semi-autobiographical narration; Michael Dalberg fills that role admirably"

The Music Man-Quartet

 Scene On Stage
"No role is more important to The Music Man than The Quartet. Hearing Casey Okamoto, Michael Dalberg, Bob Brown and Timothy Slisky sing “Sincere” and “It’s You” is a treat, and “Lida Rose,” alone and then in counterpoint to Marian’s “Will I Ever Tell You?,” is…well, pick your favorite superlative"

Play It Again Sam Bogie's Ghost

Phil Dorian Scene On Stage
“Was that Humphrey Bogart at Over the Rainbow Productions’? Nah…it was Michael Dalberg channeling Bogie in Woody Allen’s Play It Again, Sam and earning a Normy for the role. (You got a problem with that?)”
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